Corrine Brothers Shares NYC Travel Tips

By: Corrine Brothers

  • Don’t hesitate to try new things, especially when it comes to food and food places! There is so much culture here, bringing great food from around the world and mixing it all into this one great big city! National chains, like Starbucks or Subway, seriously aren’t as good as they seem to be back at home; since they are constantly producing the same basic food products for the masses every day, it usually isn’t made as nice and doesn’t taste as good. By checking out smaller, unique dining locations, you’ll be able to get a taste for the local food and people living in whatever neighborhood you’re visiting, and often at really competitive prices!
  • Take the subway! It’ll get you wherever you want to go, and learning the various subway routes within the city, and even into the outer boroughs, will help to quickly orient yourself in the city. You’ll be able to explore way more than you ever could by just walking, and it is much more convenient and cheaper than a taking taxi. For helpful subway and other transportation directions online or on the go with your smart phone, use
  • Walk briskly with purpose, and don’t make eye contact with strangers. If you’re a girl, weird guys may say weird things to you, but they are just looking to get a reaction. The best way to avoid this is to just ignore it. Walk on with confidence, look forward, and use your iPod!
  • Don’t try to pick up coins in the street! I don’t say this from personal experience, but I heard about it and thought it was kind of funny. Coins dropped in the street are usually ground way into the pavement from being repeatedly run-over and have become permanently stuck. So if you do try and pick one up, you’ll just end up stopping traffic and looking kind of silly.
  • Explore as much of the city as you can! Be sure to try and hit up each of the many different neighborhoods in Manhattan, as well as Jersey and the other boroughs. There is something unique to every neighborhood in Manhattan – food, shopping, sites, etc. There are also so many great places to visit in Brooklyn, Queens, and Hoboken. So just go out and explore!
  • Wear comfortable shoes! New Yorkers do not wear heels on the street; they wear other comfy street shoes bring their heels along in a bag to change into upon arrival. Don’t try wearing heels on the street, it ruins your shoes and your feet – it seriously isn’t worth it.
  • Use the internet! When you aren’t sure where to go or what to do, look it up! There are so many great websites and blogs that detail great places to go in the city. These can be great resources for when you need some advice about anything, from grocery stores to clubs.

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