Travel Tips for Leicester

By: Emily Brownlee, Spring 2012

  • Carphone Warehouse in the city center has phones for 5 pounds and if you are on the Orange network, you can get free movie tickets on Wednesdays.
  • Don’t be afraid to wander or get lost, you might discover something really great.
  • If you’re missing candy, cereal, or other snacks from home, check out the Americandy store in the High Cross in city center.
  • The food in catered housing is not spectacular by any means, but you will get to know your neighbors eating with them.
  • When you’re shopping, don’t convert your dollars to pounds. It will make everything seem astronomically expensive. Instead, take out the money you will need for the week from the atm and think in terms of how many pounds you have in your pocket. Using cash that you take out once a week will also help keep you on budget!
  • National Express and Eurolines are super affordable ways to travel. You can take the bus over night to Ireland or mainland Europe for a fraction of the price of the train.
  • Everyone wants to travel around Europe, but don’t forget to travel around the UK too. Get to know your host country!
  • If you can, visit a city either in the UK or the rest of Europe that your family is from, especially if it gets you away from big cities. It will be something you treasure.

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